Boaters stranded in tornado describe rescue

OYSTER, Va. (WAVY) – Two brothers who were fishing in the Oyster channel in Northampton County Thursday morning had to be rescued when their boat capsized during an EF-1 tornado.

Zack and Ray Crumb said they had only been fishing for croaker 30 minutes when they received tornado alerts on their phones.

“We tried to pull the net in as quick as we could. Once we got the net in, we were going to try to get to a creek and take cover,” Zack said. “Once we broke out, the hail and rain hit. Once the second gust hit, the boat just started lifting up and rolled right under, and I kind of went underneath the boat.”

Zack was eventually able to get out and on top of the overturned boat with Ray.

“It was kind of scary when we were sitting on the bottom of the boat and the hail just seemed like it wouldn’t stop,” Zack said. “The waves were getting bigger by then. They were kind of breaking over the side of the boat trying to wash you off a little bit.”

The brothers longtime fishing friends David and Brian rescued them, as well as two other boaters who were stranded when their boat capsized.

“Glad they were there,” Ray said. “They’re good guys and we would have done the same thing for them. We all shook hands this morning and had a few laughs and everything. They’re back out there working now, so hopefully they’ll have an all right day today.”


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