People experience tree crashing into camper


NORTHAMPTON COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) — Randy and Gwen Johnson were inside their camper at the Cherrystone Campground in Cheriton, Va. when Thursday’s storm hit. They spoke to WAVY’s Lex Gray live during our Midday newscast about the experience.

The pair said the winds from the storm were so powerful that a tree fell onto their camper and destroyed half of it.

“There was so much noise all the way around that we didn’t really know until we turned around and right there that it happened,” Gwen said. “The whole other side was moving, and I thought it was going to rip off. We were right by the door, and then we looked out and the tree was on our truck too right on both sides of us.”

Though Gwen’s phone received the tornado warning sent out that morning, the pair never heard the phone go off. It was on the other side of the camper.

“She was walking the dog, and then we came back in and everything broke loose,” Randy said.

The pair told WAVY they were happy the group of 21 camping with them all walked away safely.

“It’s incredible, we’re just lucky to be still here,” Randy said.

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