Neighbors upset after school’s expansion, renovation

Great Neck Middle School: Neighborhood nuisance?

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Homeowners in an upscale Virginia Beach neighborhood are upset after the expansion and renovation of Great Neck Middle School.

Construction finished years ago, but homeowners say the expanded school is 100 feet closer to their homes than the plans for the project had indicated.

John Nankervis is one of five neighbors who are trying to get modifications. They say they don’t want the school moved or torn down, but they do want relief from what they say is excess noise, light, and a mist that blows onto their homes from the school’s cooling system.

“This is my solitude out here, this is where I come to unwind from the rigors of the day, and I can’t hear myself think. And on some days we couldn’t have this recorded conversation because the cooling towers would block it out,” Nankervis explained.

“It’s been a terrible experience, it’s driven me, frankly I sold my house, I just couldn’t live with it, I couldn’t live with the arrogance on the part of the school board people,” said a former neighbor, Steve Cooper.

The school district’s attorney says the school is in compliance with minimum setback, and the school district has already done some modifications to address the concerns.

The homeowners say it’s not enough.

See what Virginia Beach zoning officials ruled, and what options the homeowners have, in our Chris Horne’s investigation. Due to severe weather coverage, Horne’s report will air Monday on WAVY News 10.

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