After gas leak, residents worry about nearby construction

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – It was a long weekend for some Virginia Natural Gas customers in Virginia Beach. Some didn’t get their service turned back on until Sunday night, after construction crews hit a gas line Friday afternoon.

Although the work is far from complete on the Lynnhaven Widening Project, those who fought it ever starting had to come to terms long ago that it was a done deal. Kathern Ingersoll ‘s home backs up to the work, and she gets constant reminders of how close she is.

“People like us we’re all laid back here and didn’t want it, so what are we going to do,” Ingersoll said. “Things rattle, we can feel it in the bed a couple mornings, and I have tile that goes from front to back in foyer, it’s crumbling. Friday there were city vehicles, police emergency vehicles, ambulances you name it they were here.”

Residents like Ingersoll will be getting sound walls constructed around their homes before it’s all said and done. Friday, as Chopper 10 flew above, crews worked to cap a damaged line hear near Lynnhaven Parkway and Centerville Turnpike. Her home was one of 870 affected by an evacuation, and she wasn’t able to get back in it until 8:30 p.m.

Virginia Natural Gas crews repaired the damaged line on Friday, but had to work around the clock over the weekend to get service running again at all the affected homes. On Saturday, they went to each customer’s home to make sure their appliances were turned off. On Sunday they returned to turn appliances back on and relight them.

10 On Your Side asked the city about where the widening project stands. Spokesman Phillip Davenport said Lynnhaven Parkway Phase 11 is scheduled to be complete in 2016, bringing plenty of benefits with it in the long run.

“We will have about 28,000 cars a day using that road, and that will provide a ton of relief for Kempsville Road,” Davenport said. “You’ll actually be able to get on one road at Virginia Beach Boulevard and go all the way out to Battlefield Blvd. in Chesapeake without ever leaving one road.”

It’s a $38 million project that’s been a long time coming with utility relocation work continuing for now and nearby residents waiting to see how this plays out in the end. If you’re still having issues with your gas line, call 866-229-3578.

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