Two injured in Va. Beach jet ski explosion

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Two women were hospitalized after a jet ski exploded in Virginia Beach Friday evening.

Bat. Chief Amy Valdez told emergency crews were called to the single jet ski accident in the 800 block of Spigel Drive, which is near the Lynnhaven River. One person received “traumatic” injuries and the other victim went to the hospital with burn injuries, Valdez said.

Witnesses told WAVY’s Jason Marks the explosion happened as the two women were trying to start up the jet ski. Lance Shores, who lives nearby, was one of the first people down to the water to help.

“The explosion sounded like a bomb,” Shores said. “I got on the scene and there was a woman pulling my neighbor’s wife out of the water,” Shores said. “She was yelling for help. The flames on the jet ski were ten feet in the air.”

“First thing I did was drag both of them across the floating dock. [One woman] kept screaming about her back, but I had to get her away from that flame,” Shores said. “The other lady’s skin was actually peeled off her arm and her leg. She was in so much shock, she didn’t realize what she had on her arm.”

Austin Madden lives next door and heard the explosion from inside his house. He ran outside, looked down the canal and saw what he described as a huge gas fire coming from the jet ski. He ran down to help, and also mentioned the woman with the hurt back.

“We didn’t want to move her or anything. She was moving her hands and legs, which is a good sign, but I guess they were checking her back out when the EMS arrived,” he said.

Rescue crews arrived and rushed the women to a local hospital. Kathleen Winston watched from her deck as neighbors tried to put out the flames.

“It was very difficult to get out,” Winston added. “The men and women brought hoses from their homes to try to put it down.”

Fire investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the jet ski to explode. Stay with WAVY on air and online for updates.

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