Tenants in Chesapeake live in limbo

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — Tenants of a Chesapeake apartment complex get to stay through the weekend, but earlier Friday they were worried about a forced relocation.

A sign on the front door greeted David Starcher when he arrived home from work on Monday.

“The sewage, they’re saying it’s not safe. That’s what they’re saying,” Starcher said.

A clogged sewer line at the Sunnybrook Apartments has apparently backed up into the ground and some units. But Starcher said while there’s no problem in his apartment, he may be forced out, and he’s not happy about it.

Photos: Sunnybrook Apartments Sewage Problem

“Yeah I’m kind of upset a little bit. If I go somewhere, I can’t afford it ’cause of what I get, 30 hours a week, that’s it. Not 40 hours, so I’m a little bit angry,” he said.

The landlord, George Eberwine, declined an on-camera interview with WAVY.com, but said he expected to begin making the necessary repairs on Monday.

Jay Tate, Chesapeake’s Director of Development and Permits, said “it’s 16 units that are currently occupied that would have to find an alternate location until corrections can be made.”

The city brought in the fire department on Friday to use its high-pressure water hoses to test the problem sewer line.

“We ran a test using the fire department to put in a volume of water into the system. We made sure that the water could flow through the system, and based on that test, we feel with some close supervision of the system that it’s okay for the residents to stay for now,” Tate said.

He told WAVY.com breathing in fumes from sewage or getting it on your skin poses a health risk for diseases.

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