Cleanup continues in Va. Beach after rare tornado

Anita Blanton on Oceanfront tornado clean up

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – People at the Oceanfront are still cleaning up after a tornado rolled through last week.

“We were all just sitting outside watching the storm, and it just started pouring, pouring, really really hard,” Virginia Beach resident Michael Marshall said. “The wind came through, brought all the rocks and busted out all the windows.”

“All the windows started to shake,” said Soliel Ouimet at Half Moon Music. “The building started to shake and all the windows just exploded basically. The day of, we just tried to pick up all the glass, vacuum, try to clean up as much as we can outside, push everything to the street.”

Photos: Virginia Beach storm cleanup

The wind left many in the dark, and daylight revealed a lot of damage. Cleanup all around has been a task, and almost a week later, found crews picking up debris on the streets of neighborhoods. Insurance adjusters were getting estimates on some roofs. Others, like the roof at Star of the Sea Catholic School, still have tarps as bids come in.

“Theres a whole part of the roof that was ripped up on the end of the gym,” said Principal Cathryn Whisman. “We lost about seven windows.”

After encountering two women injured in the storm, she said she’s just thankful things weren’t worse.

“They were in a shed in the parking lot, and it was picked up and blown over to 16th Street with them in it,” Whisman said.

Those two women are said to be recovering from their injuries. Whisman sees it as added perspective, even as people continue to make repairs. School starts at Star of the Sea Catholic School in a little more than four weeks. So they’re hoping to have all the work to the gym done by then.

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