Local family discusses life in Israel amid violence

Local family discusses life in Israel (WAVY News)

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Over the last six days, more than 900 rockets have been fired in the fighting between Israel and Palestine, with more than 140 Palestinian lives lost.

As the violence there grows, we’re hearing about the impact firsthand from people right here in our community.

Eti Yorman was born in Israel, and lives just ten miles from the border with Gaza. Right now, she is visiting her daughter, Shani Yorman, who lives in Norfolk.

Both mother and daughter spoke with WAVY News 10 about what it’s like living in such danger. With the dangerous conditions, Eti explained why she still lives there.

“It’s my place. It’s my roots. It’s my language. And the dear ones that I care about,” she said.

Eti’s daughter says she’s scared for her mother, and glad she can provide her with a safe haven away from the fighting.

Shani said she wants her mother to stay in the United States, but Eti is determined to go back. Her flight out is July 26.

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