Oceanfront still recovering from tornado damage

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Areas at the Oceanfront are still recovering from last week’s tornado.

Photos: Storm damage in Virginia Beach

Half Moon Music is just one business that is rebuilding after suffering damage. Fortunately, Half Moon Music has been able to repair a very important piece of their business.

The sign that said, “we will rebuild” now says “open for business.”

Employees say the storm only put them out of business for a few hours but they still don’t know how much this cost them. They’ve been getting a lot of support from the community.

Special Coverage: July 10 storm

Noah Elnagdy, an employee at Half Moon Music, described the damage to WAVY.com.

“After the tornado, most of the damage came from the parking lot attendant booths from here and next door that flew over. They crashed into our deck, which destroyed a lot. Also, when the tornado actually hit, all of the windows ended up shattering upstairs, down here, and just about every car on the block,” said Elnagdy.

Also on the street can be seen piles of debris, a power pole snapped and a tarp covering the roof of the school. Signs that this area of the city still has work to do this week.

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