Storms litter Va. Beach neighborhood with trees

Pinewood Drive (WAVY/Deanna LeBlanc)

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — The severe thunderstorm Thursday evening went wherever it wanted, littering trees like paper across at least one Virginia Beach road.

“I came home to this,” said Pinewood Drive resident Kim Haddaway, pointing to trees down in her yard. “The maple tree hit the deck and the patio.”

The big pines with shallow roots snapped along Pinewood Drive, which runs into Mediterranean Avenue. They were no match for the storm that hit hard and fast. Carman Freeburn was on his porch as it moved through.

“I was sitting right behind you on the porch,” he said. “It just went over, right over my home, and went right over here … knocking the tree to the ground.”

Haddaways’s hideaway is now mostly hidden with tree debris, but her home is thankfully undamaged.

Thursday night, the power remained out along Pinewood Drive. Generators could be heard in the distance, candlelight could be seen in windows. Trees still blocked the road and power lines were down.

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