Motorcycle safety tips from Kalfus & Nachman

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – The freedom of riding a ‘hog” is amazing. However, make sure you are still safe about it. Paul Hernandez, from Kalfus & Nachman, stopped by The Hampton Roads Show to talk about motorcycle safety.

General safety tips from Kalfus & Nachman:

  • Always wear an approved helmet with face shield or goggles
  • Wear proper footwear that covers the foot, ankle and lower part of leg
  • NEVER wear flip flops or sandals
  • Wear durable pants and jackets made from leather or denim
  • Wear leather gloves
  • Retro-reflective bright colors: No camouflage because the object is to be seen
  • Kids should not be on motorcycles
  • Washing your bike: Do not use Amour All-type products on tires.

Rules as of July 1st:

  • Mopeds must be registered
  • Must use a helmet
  • Must be 16
  • Cannot have DUI suspension related to conviction
  • No Outstanding Fines

Kalfus & Nachman
Give them a call, ON THE HURT LINE: 1-800 – HURTLINE


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