More billing glitches with Elizabeth River Tunnels

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – Tolls on the Midtown and Downtown tunnels began in February, and since then 10 On Your Side has reported several issues with E-ZPass billing statements. Now, we’ve got another one.

When Henry Jones got his E-ZPass bill in the mail, it clearly read $41.25. But when he called Elizabeth River Tunnels to pay it, he was told he owned more.

Why can’t it add up right?” Jones asked.

The math is not making sense for Jones, the president of EZ Auto Rental in Newport News. Every month he gets bills from rental cars driving though tolls, and often the person who rented the car is asked to pay the fees.

We called our customer, and she came in and paid the toll violations, Jones said.

Jones then called Elizabeth River Tunnels to pay the $41 owed: She said, ‘that’s not your balance. Your balance is $55.50,” Jones told “I said, ‘I‘m looking at an invoice that says you owe $41.25.'”

The bill sent to Jones from ERT was three pages long. Twice it lists $41 as the amount owed, but buried on page two it mentioned a total of $55.

“The back page where I could have filled out the credit card information said $41.25,” Jones said. “II sent it in, I would have a balance due and late charges.

Jones contacted ERT to ask how the error happened. He was told “sorry about the printing error” on the invoice, but he never got an answer.

When I called here, there wasn’t any resolution.” he said. “It’s not a lot of money, but there are a lot of cars that cross those roads, and if the computer can’t do simple math, what else is it supposed to do?

Jones was told if he didn’t pay the extra $14 he would get a late charge. He plans to pay it.

10 On Your Side called ERT for an explanation. In all fairness, we called late in the day, but our calls have not been returned, yet.

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