Yorktown family faces “growing” problem

YORKTOWN, Va. (WAVY) – A Yorktown family called 10 On Your Side because the property next door was literally a growing concern. After our report, the government-owned home is no longer overtaken by weeds.

“This is ridiculous. It looks like crap,” Yorktown’s Bill Baker said Monday. He’s lived along Walnut Drive for 40 years, and a year ago his longtime neighbor passed away and the home went into foreclosure.

“Too nice a lady for her house and yard to look like this, even though she is not here anymore,” Baker said.

“It is quite disturbing, if you know the lady who passed away,” added neighbor Jacquie Armando. “She and her family always kept it perfect.”

The United States Department of Agriculture now owns the home, and the Bakers called about the property that their cats had already pulled rodents and snakes from. Nothing was being done, and Baker said he feared someone would get hurt.

10 On Your Side’s Jason Marks called the USDA, and we can report crews have cleaned up the mess. Neighbors say they can relax now, knowing the eyesore is gone.

after walnut dr before walnut dr


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