Local Everest College campuses will remain open

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) – Corinthian Colleges, which has 100 campuses across the country, is facing multiple state and federal investigations.

Two of its campuses are right here in Hampton Roads: Everest College in Chesapeake and in Newport News. Together they have about 1,200 students enrolled.

Everest College offers a number of programs, from Healthcare to Criminal justice. They proudly advertise on their website, “Nothing says power like the power of choice.” 10 On Your Side spoke to several local students now wondering if they made the right choice.

“We’re all just sitting here like ‘uh what do we do now,’” said one student, who didn’t want to be identified.

“You would think they would go to classes and explain, ‘yes, it’s going to be us, no it’s not,’ but nothing has been said to us at all,” said another student. “I don’t think many people have any idea.”

Document: US Securities and Exchange Commission 8-K Filing

Kent Jenkins, Corinthians Colleges’ Vice President for Public Affairs, told WAVY.com 85 of its campuses are up for sale, but will remain open. Twelve other campuses will gradually close. Here’s the list of those he said will be “taught out:”

  • Everest College; Bensalem, Pennsylvania
  • Everest Institute; Chelsea, Massachusetts
  • Everest Institute; Cross Lanes, West Virginia
  • Everest Institute; Eagan, Minnesota
  • Everest College; Ft. Worth North, TX
  • Everest Institute; Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Everest Institute; Kalamazoo, Michigan
  • Everest College; Merrillville, Indiana
  • Everest College; Salt Lake City, UT
  • Everest Institute; Silver Spring, Maryland
  • Everest College; St. Louis, MO
  • Everest College; Tysons Corner, Virginia

Jenkins made it clear the Chesapeake and Newport News campuses will continue operating normally for the foreseeable future. He said every student currently enrolled will be able to finish their courses, and this applies to every school.

The faculty and staff at the 12 schools that will gradually wind down will remain in place until the current students complete their studies.

“This agreement ensures that our 70,000 students are able to continue their education without any delay or additional charge. It minimizes the personal and financial disruption for our 12,000 employees and it establishes a blue print that will allow the vast majority of our campuses,including those in Hampton Roads, to continue serving our students and their communities under new ownership,” Jenkins said.

Corinthian Colleges sent students the following email:

… we have reached an agreement in principle with the U.S. Department of Education that maintains uninterrupted daily operations of our ground and online schools until a more detailed transition plan can be finalized. All students will be able to continue their educational programs as planned.   There is no impact to student financial aid packages. If you have questions, please contact your campus president.

WAVY.com spoke to one father who said his daughter was supposed to start at the Everest College Chesapeake campus on August 25.  He said regardless of whether they stay open, a damaged reputation is hard for anyone graduating from a school with the same name to escape. He’s decided his daughter should search for a new college to attend.

“We’re going to pull her out,” Bill Armao said. “We’re going to unenroll her, but I just want to see if they even reach out. I’m sure if you call them up, they’re probably going to tell you everything is fine, continue to come on down here. Of course it’s not their money, not their concern. Unfortunately, it may not be this particular location that’s having the financial problems, but once your company that owns you is, it affects all the locations.”

On June 12, the Department’s Federal Student Aid office placed Corinthian on an increased level of financial oversight after the company failed to provide records concerning enrollment and job placement data required by federal law, and failed to fully address concerns about its practices, including faulty job placement data used in marketing claims to prospective students and allegations of altered grades and attendance.

The U-S Department of Education just released some details of the new operating agreement with Corinthian Colleges to help students. It’s effective July 8. The Department has agreed to release some student aid dollars to be used solely for education purposes. In turn, Corinthian has to inform students of their options to complete their programs without disruption. Enrollment at schools that are about to close will be halted. And Corinthian will be making a number of refunds.

Read More: US Department of Education Accepts Operating Plan

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