Cleanup continues in Rodanthe, Waves and Salvo

(WAVY/Andy Fox)

OUTER BANKS, N.C. (WAVY) – Monday was another day of massive storm clean-up in the Villages of Rodanthe, Waves, and Salvo on North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

In Rodanthe, the Thrift Store operated by the Lifeboat Community Church was flooded. Monday, church members started moving back in. Pastor Dustin Daniels said, “Yes, we were hit pretty hard in the Thrift Store, and it wiped out pretty much everything.” The fact is, there was lots to throw away, which is now piled up at the church. “100% of all our sales go to support our Food Pantry located at the church. We help people in times like right now. When people are down on their luck, and don’t have anything to eat at night, they can come in and get food from us at anytime. We help them out. Everything we do here goes to support the community.”

The back wall in the Thrift Store was knocked out by Hurricane Irene in 2011, Daniels says they were still working on it when Arthur hit Friday. “We just started putting it back, and didn’t quite get to it before the storm hit, so we are just working on it a little bit at a time,” Daniels said. “We depend on furniture sales. God is good. We have a little saying down at the church ‘when life has you sinking, come to the boat.’”

Photos: Hurricane Arthur Aftermath

The last few days have also been challenging for the Outer Banks’ largest realty company. The Sun Realty office in the tri-village area of Rodanthe, Waves, and Salvo is operated by Emmett Storey. “We were slammed. Everybody thought the storm was going up through the sound, and it would be a small hurricane, but it just slammed this area here hard.”

Just under 25 percent of Sun’s inventory in the Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo area is inoperable at this time. “We probably had a total of 65-70 properties that have damage, and then we had 40 that are inoperable. We can’t put anybody in them,” Storey added.

Storey explained what happens next. “What we have to do is check our inventory. We have to assess all the damage that we have, and look for properties that we are able to rent, and then we will go ahead from there and relocate people. If we don’t have houses down here we relocate them to northern beach areas…we were able to relocate everyone.”

Salvo homeowner Ralph Lane also has a long road ahead of him. He lived in his house that was flooded during Arthur for 44 years. He stayed in the home and waited out the storm, “We were inside, and trying to secure things outside. We pretty much got everything secured, and then the water started rising in the house. I just shut off the power and moved upstairs.” Everything Lane still owns is piled up in his living room. “I would describe my life as stressful,” Lane said with a quiet voice.

Debris removal for the unincorporated areas of Dare County will begin Monday, July 14, 2014.  Dare County Public Works will be solely responsible for hurricane debris removal.

Storm debris pick-up for the unincorporated areas includes all of Hatteras Island, Roanoke Island (outside the Town of Manteo), Wanchese, Manns Harbor, East Lake, Stumpy Point, Martins Point, and Colington (including inside the gate).
Debris should be placed in 4 separate piles on the side of road by Monday, July 14:
1. Vegetative Debris (limbs, leaves, branches, sea grass, etc.)
2. Construction and Demolition Materials (building materials, concrete, shingles, etc.)
3. Metal
4. Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics (oil, bleach, televisions, computers, etc.)

Large items such as cars, boats, trailers, and campers will not be accepted and must be disposed of by the owner.

Debris taken to the Dare County Transfer Station in Manns Harbor or the Buxton Transfer Station will be charged the regular rate of $65/ton. (The first 500 pounds for residential customers is free with the remaining weight prorated at $65/ton.)

For more information, call Dare County Public Works at 252-475-5880 or 252-475-5881.

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