Woman alerts neighbors of dog attack

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – A Virginia Beach woman wants to make sure other pets and people in her area are safe after another dog tore away from its owner and attacked her poodle.

Meghan Conti, a supervisor for Virginia Beach’s Animal Enforcement Unit, says both police officers and animal control officers responded to the attack near the intersection of Pacific and Norfolk avenues early Saturday afternoon.

Genaye Channel-Robinson called 10 On Your Side to share her story because the attacking dog and its owner fled the scene. She fears it will attack other dogs or people in the area.

Photos: Dog attacked in Virginia Beach

Channel-Robinson said she was walking her dogs home from the Oceanfront with her two dogs on a leash.

“We noticed that there was a man on a bike, with a fairly large pit bull,” she said. “Unfortunately, the dog got loose. Normally, when a dog gets loose, they just want to sniff your dog and greet it.”

Instead, Channel-Robinson said the dog attacked Penny, one of her poodles.

“It was a brutal attack,” she said. “The dog grabbed hold of Penny’s neck and started biting maliciously, and had her neck in like a jaw lock on its hind legs, dangling her. She was like lifeless. It was a very scary, very scary thing to witness right there. I was screaming and the man did run over and pry his dog’s mouth off her neck with his bare hands, which was really scary to see.”

Veterinarians put Penny under anesthesia, and gave her stitches and a drain in her back.

“The vets told me we were very lucky, fortunate, because it could have been worse,” said Channel-Robinson. “I just would hate for this to happen to someone else, and I would hate for it to happen to a child.”

Officers were not able to find the dog or its owner, but Conti says patrolling officers in the area have been looking for the man and a medium- to large-sized, tan-colored dog with white on its chest.

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