Rodanthe business owners face task of rebuilding again

Cape Hatteras KOA

OUTER BANKS, N.C. (WAVY) — It appears most of Hurricane Arthur’s damage on Hatteras Island happened in Rodanthe, leaving business owners the task of rebuilding, again.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do this go around,” Irvin Midgett said, who’s had the same awful feeling before. “We are used to having storms like this, but not one right after another.”

Midgett bought a property off of NC Highway 12 in Rondanthe more than 20 years ago and turned it into St. Clair Landing Family Camp Grounds. He named it after his grandfather.

“I’m pretty burned out,” Midgett said. “Last time got me, and I was just getting to the point [of getting over it]. It’s hard to build things over and over again.”

Midgetts’s campground was devastated three years ago during Hurricane Irene. Three years later, he again has to rebuild.

“When this is going on, I can’t tell one trailer from the other,” Midgett added as he showed 10 On Your Side’s Jason Marks the damage. The flooding from the near by the sound picked up and set campers on top of one another.

“I didn’t anticipate having anything at all like this,” Midgett said. “I knew we would get sound side flooding, but not like this.”

And while storms are a way of life on Hatteras Island, they’re also, clearly, a source of heartbreak. None know that so well as Denise Raubaugh.

“You can live on the island, but I don’t know that you could ever get used to [the storms],” she said.

Raubaugh is the manager of Cape Hatteras KOA in Rodanthe. She, too, awoke Friday morning to devastation.

“Our camping village is pretty much [gone],” she added. “They are just clumped together.”

The campground had 32 cabins, and all 32 ended up with some sort of damage. The sad thing: it wasn’t the first time.

“We rebuilt and put in all these new deluxe cabins, did all the ground work and finally had our grand re-opening after Irene in May, so as soon as this happens, we get hit with another one, two months,” Raubaugh said.

The flooded streets around the area are slowly drying, but another storm has left its mark on Hatteras Island. But even in the eye of devastation, residents still say it could have been worse.

“I mean it’s bad, really, it’s bad, but it’s not as bad as we thought,” Raubaugh said.


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