Virginia’s new moped regulations go into effect

Photo provided by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

VIRGINIA (WAVY) — New rules for moped and scooter riders in Virginia went into effect Tuesday, and violators could end up with hefty fines, prison time or both.

The Virginia General Assembly passed legislation last summer that requires moped and scooter riders to register their vehicles with the Department of Motor Vehicles, carry a government-issued photo ID (not necessarily a driver’s license), and wear a helmet. For mopeds without windshields, riders also have to wear eye protection.

Mopeds that have been registered and titled will be issued a license plate for the rear of the vehicle (see example picture above). Registration has an annual cost, and getting a title has a one-time cost.

Not registering a moped is considered a class two misdemeanor, punishable by up to a $1,000 fine and six months in prison, according to Sunni Belvins Brown with Virginia DMV.

For more information about exactly what documents you’ll need to register your moped in Virginia, visit the DMV’s website by clicking here.

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