Norfolk CA wins appeal of his own DUI conviction

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Norfolk’s top prosecutor appeared in Circuit Court Monday, winning an appeal of his own DUI conviction.

I know that Mr. Underwood is relieved, that he feels like he has been vindicated, said defense attorney Tommy Norment.

Norfolk Commonwealth’s Attorney Greg Underwood was arrested in October, found guilty in April, but has remained at his post. Monday, through more than four hours of testimony, he successfully defended himself in front of a judge. He has yet to give the people who voted him in office any explanation for what happened.

I want to tell the people that voted for me to have a blessed day,” Underwood told as he walked out of court. “That’s what I intend to do: have a blessed day.

In court, a state trooper testified that on Oct. 23, 2013 he stopped Underwood after he had driven through a work zone on I-264 and noted a strong smell of alcohol. He said he charged Underwood under suspicion of DUI, refusal to take a sobriety test and improper driving.

In April, a District Court judge found Underwood guilty, sentenced him to a few days in jail and suspended his driver’s license for one year. But Underwood’s attorney filed an appeal.

At the appellant proceeding Monday, a new judge brought in from Stafford County found Underwood not guilty of DUI. Instead, he was found guilty of improper driving and refusal for sobriety test. He was sentenced to a $50 fine and a suspended driver’s license for a year.

“I have indicated that I have no further comment, and I wish you would get the mics out of my face,” Underwood told after the hearing.

Underwood has not spoken publicly about the arrest, so 10 On Your Side asked Norment if he thought Underwood was given a break because of his position.

Hell no, he didn’t get a special favor as a public figure,” Norment said. “II weren’t so mild and temperate, I would be offended at that question.

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