Family, neighbors recall shooting that killed VB man

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Police have identified a young father who met his end this weekend in the Campus East neighborhood of Virginia Beach.

Someone shot 29-year-old Marcus Dentmond late Saturday on Baccalaureate Drive, right off Campus Drive. Virginia Beach police said the shooting happened around 10:40 p.m.

Dentmond’s mother, Sandra Dentmond, told WAVY News’ Liz Palka her son was a hard working father of three boys. He was from a military family, moved to Virginia Beach 15 years ago and attended Bayside High School.

Marcus Dentmond (Photo provided by family members)
Marcus Dentmond (Photo provided by family members)

Sandra Dentmond said her son was at a cook-out before he was fatally shot. Neighbors said the cook-out was in a tent in a backyard and there were dozens of people there. Neighbors also said the cook-out was one of two parties happening simultaneously in the 5500 block of Baccalaureate Drive. The other party was in a house down the street.

A neighbor showed bullets in the ceiling of his or her home. That neighbor said they hosted the house party Saturday when people started pushing each other. Suddenly, someone fired shots into the ceiling and everyone scattered. The neighbor who hosted the party said people were running down the street, through backyards, toward the cook-out. It’s not clear if the victim, Dentmond, was ever at the house party where the shots were fired at the ceiling.

Another neighbor was watching TV inside his home. He said he heard a knock on his door and then heard five gunshots. He looked outside and saw people scattering and several cars driving down the street. He said the police arrived shortly after and that’s when he learned someone was shot.

A neighbor who lives by the cook-out said she heard a few gunshots followed by several more.

Detectives were back in the Campus East neighborhood Monday afternoon, questioning witnesses. They have not identified a suspect, but the investigation continues.

Shortly after, Dentmond’s friend from high school stopped by his house to share her condolences with his mother. Brittney Long said she could hear the gunshots from her Lake Edward home on Saturday night. She didn’t know her friend had died until she checked Facebook the next morning.

“It was like the gunshots hit me,” she said.

Long said she’s frustrated by the constant gun violence in her neighborhood.

“Everyone that knows Marcus needs justice,” she said. “And I hope they get whoever did this to him.”

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