Soccer tournament raises money for fallen officer’s family

Officer Brian Jones Memorial Soccer Tournament. (WAVY/Lex Gray)

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Saturday, police officers and firefighters from around Hampton Roads honored Brian Jones, a Norfolk police officer who died in the line of duty last month.

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Officer Mikhail Angstrom served on the Norfolk Police Department’s Honor Guard along with Jones. They were friends, and their families were friends.

Angstrom is one of many people who want to make sure Jones’ wife and three children aren’t forgotten.

Angstrom organized the Officer Brian Jones Memorial Soccer Tournament at Powhatan Field to raise money for the family. Officers and firefighters from Norfolk, Hampton, Newport News, and Virginia Beach played.

The tournament is one of two fundraisers for the Jones family this weekend alone.

“The support has been, generally speaking, overwhelming for all of us and especially for his wife and children,” said Angstrom. “I think it means a lot to them. It’s a way for people to show how much they cared about him, and show his family how much he meant to them.”

It also means a lot to Adrienne Wass, whose husband is a police officer and soccer player. She’s at every game, but says more people turned out for the memorial tournament.

“This one’s more special to us, because it’s in support of Brian,” said Wass. “We want to do something in support of him that’s more positive, seen in a positive light.”

Angstrom hopes the community remembers his friend that way.

“He was a very special guy. He was somebody that we all looked at and said ‘Wow, if I could be half the man that he is, I would consider myself a success,’” he said. “I mean, he was just ‘that guy,’ in a good way.”

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