VB condo owners want answers on where fees are going

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Some Virginia Beach condo owners want to know where their money is going. Every month they pay dues for a pool and tennis courts, but now they’ve been told those amenities are off limits.

It’s aggravating,” said condo owner Alan Rankin. “It’s so irritating. Where is our money going?

Sawgrass Condominiums sits just blocks from the Oceanfront, but lately some residents say living there hasn’t been paradise.

Well, it is heartbreaking, added owner Lorie Garrison.

Like most condo communities, homeowners pay association dues every month: $275 for things like maintenance, grounds keeping and recreational facilities.

“It is a lot of money a month,” Rankin said. “As an owner and with right around 120 units, it is a lot of money as community.

Rankin is just one of many residents now questioning how that money is being spent. You see, in early June, home owners received a letter saying they would no longer be allowed to use the pool, clubhouse, or tennis court.

I would like for us to have access to our recreation facilities again, Rankin said.

The pool sits in the middle of the neighborhood and divides Sawgrass from Ocean Pebbles Apartments. Every month, the Sawgrass residents pay money to Ocean Pebbles to use the pool, but documents show the condo association owes $31,000 to Ocean Pebbles management.

We ask our board members what’s going on,” Garrison said. “‘Why we can’t use the pool or the tennis courts or the club house or the fitness area that we pay monthly for?'”

Sawgrass owners say the board is in charge of spending monthly dues, so 10 On Your Side went looking for board members to ask where the money is going. We went to door after door, but no one answered until we found member Chris Potter.

“I‘m not in a position where I can answer those questions legally, so you have to contact our lawyer or contact our president, Potter said.

So we called President KiEdwards, who immediately hung up on Reporter Jason Marks.

We just want to make everyone aware that we are getting no answers, and we just want an explanation on why we can’t use the facilities that we pay for monthly, Garrison said.

10 On Your Side has also learned Sawgrass Condominiums are in the process of changing management companies. The new company, Horizon Community Services out of Loudoun County, Virginia takes over next week.

You can count on 10 On Your Side to keep you updated on any developments in this story as we dig up more information.

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