Hampton Roads cheers on Team USA in World Cup

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) — Many of us were glued to the TV during lunch to watch Team USA play Germany in the World Cup. While it may not have been the outcome everyone was rooting for, the U.S. will still advance.

10 On Your Side watched the match with 106 children at a local soccer camp in Virginia Beach where they had Uncle Sam Red White and Blue on.

It takes a big man to dress like Hayden Montgomery, but he is the spirit of the World Cup and all things Team U.S.A. Montgomery is completely painted red, white, and blue.

“We heard this was going on, and this is incredibly obnoxiously American, so I decided to paint up and get hyped.”

Hayden and a handful of hyped up soccer fans cheered on Team USA at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex. Kelvin Sealy’s son plays high school soccer there, and the son now coaches.

“I love the excitement to bring USA together for the flag, and cheering the team on,” he said.

The resounding chant this World Cup could be heard at the Sportsplex: “I believe that we will … I believe that we will win.”

A subdued crowd was at ODU’s Dominion Soccer Academy after the U.S. went down 1-0 to Germany. That’s where we found Alan Dawson, who summed up the soccer frenzy in America: “It’s becoming more and more popular. Kids are getting excited about the sport. This is not a moment, it is a movement, and this has a lot of kids getting excited about the sport and this is a big day for the U.S.”

It was not lost on anyone at ODU that Team USA moves on to the World Cup Knockout round, despite the loss to Germany.

“I like our chances right now. We are down. We will advance to the second round, and that’s all we have to do right now,” said Dawson.

Soccer has a long way to go in America. Soccer is way behind in popularity to football, basketball, and baseball. But one thing is for sure — after this World Cup, regardless of what happens next, America is moving in the right direction, as far as soccer hype.

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