Va. House of Delegates to discuss governor’s vetoes

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) — Virginia’s budget battle came to Hampton Roads this weekend. While Governor Terry McAuliffe was in Virginia Beach on Sunday, asked him about the recent budget and his plan to veto several items.

McAuliffe said Friday he vows to expand Medicaid in Virginia, despite the conditions in the budget that would not allow the governor to do so.

“This is our money,” said McAuliffe on Sunday of the funding that would be used in Virginia due to the Affordable Care Act. “We already paid it into the federal government. We have the right to bring 100 percent of that money back.”

Two of McAuliffe’s line item vetoes are related to Medicaid expansion. The expansion is an issue that’s caused much debate between the Democratic governor and state Republicans.

“I’ve met with the Senate leadership yesterday and they’re going to sustain my vetoes,” said McAuliffe. “At the end of the day, we should work together in a bipartisan way, compromise, and move forward.”

The House of Delegates will be looking into the governor’s vetoes, too. House Speaker William J. Howell has called the House back into session Monday.

Virginia Beach Delegate Scott Taylor will head back to Richmond to meet with fellow delegates. Taylor told Sunday he is against Medicaid expansion because he says the system isn’t sustainable right now.

“We must get the current Medicaid reformed first before you can even think about expanding Medicaid,” said Taylor. “It makes no logical sense. But, I think the governor just wants a political win here.”

One thing Taylor said the House will look into is the budget amendment McAuliffe vetoed that relates to his ability to expand Medicaid without legislative approval.

“One man can’t expand it on his own, it has to go through the legislature, which is responsible for every party,” said Taylor. “The governor vetoed that.”

The House of Delegates will be back in session Monday at 5 p.m.

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