Community Services Board boss guilty of embezzlement

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — The former director of administration for the Norfolk Community Services Board has pleaded guilty to felony embezzlement.

The embezzlement involves a worker who was paid for 12 years of wages without doing any work. Brenda Wise was also acting executive director of the agency for several months while the suspended employee continued to draw a salary from 1998 to 2010.

Jill McGlone was suspended for having a weapon on CSB property in 1998. Wise put her on paid administrative leave, and the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office said this action violated agency policy. McGlone continued to get paid for 12 more years, her salary totaling about $320,000.

McGlone, Wise and four other employees of the agency were eventually fired or resigned.

Wise entered an Alford Plea Thursday afternoon to one count of embezzlement. Judge Everett Martin gave her a three-year suspended sentence, but also ordered Wise to pay nearly $226,000 in restitution.

“Truly, the person responsible for the money should be Ms. McGlone, not Mrs. Wise,” said Wise’s attorney Andrew Sacks. “Under the circumstances, she was charged with an offense that, if convicted, carried a restitution requirement with it. So that goes along with the guilty plea.”

The Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office said Wise authorized McGlone’s paychecks, knew that she wasn’t working, and even gave her pay raises and changes in title over the 12-year period. At the sentencing, Judge Martin asked how a CSB employee could continue to get paid for years without doing any work. Wise told the judge that once McGlone was suspended in 1998, her personnel file was lost.

Martin suspended the three-year prison sentence, pending good behavior and full payment of the restitution.

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