Man lost for days survives from tips learned on TV

SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A Suffolk man was found safe after spending four days alone, without food or shelter in a dense wooded area near his home.

Kyle Williams’ father told 10 On Your Side the 23-year-old endured the elements with tips he learned on survival television shows.

“He had the sense to protect himself,” said Bud Williams, Kyle’s father. “To stay warm, he covered himself with leaves and branches. He knew he shouldn’t be drinking water, but he knew he needed to stay hydrated. He found a clear running stream of water to drink from.”

Suffolk police said Kyle had been missing since last Thursday. His family grew concerned after four days had passed and there was no sight of him. They filed a missing person’s report Sunday.

Virginia State Police, Suffolk Fire and Rescue as well as several volunteer groups combed through the wooded area near Kyle’s home to find him. His father said the family was overwhelmed at how many people turned out to help search for Kyle.

“It’s hard to explain just the outpouring of people who said they wanted to help,” Williams said. “They said, ‘We’re going to do everything we can to help you.'”

Suffolk police were able to find Kyle with the help of the Virginia Beach Helicopter Unit on Monday.

“He was probably four or five thousand acres in the woods. For the search and rescue to locate him in that vast of an area is unbelievable,” Williams said.

Williams gets emotional when he thinks of the moment his son was found: “It’s indescribable, just indescribable.”

Williams said his son is in the hospital recovering. Kyle does not know how he ended up in the woods.

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