Dominion Virginia Power warns of bill scam

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – A local business owner says someone posing as Dominion Virginia Power scammed him out of $1,200. It turns out he’s not the only target.

The scam involves someone calling, claiming to be from Dominion Virginia Power. The caller says you are past due on your electric bill and you have to pay now, or they’ll cut off your service.

A Portsmouth mechanic told WAVY News the scammers got him.

“This is a very elaborate, very well thought out, very, very, very hard scam. It would catch just about anybody that I know of,” he said.

To avoid losing power, the caller tells people to go to the store and buy a “Green Dot MoneyPak card,” which is a pre-paid, reloadable debit card. Police say those types of cards are nearly impossible to trace.

Dominion Virginia Power says they take reports of scams very seriously.

In a statement they said, in part:

Neither Dominion nor its collection agency ever requests payment using a pre-paid card. Customers are encouraged to call their local police department’s non-emergency line – and Dominion – to report suspicious activity.

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