Florida stranger delivers check to slain pharmacist’s family

Pharmacist David Kilgore

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Two months ago, pharmacist David Kilgore was shot and killed during a hold up  inside his pharmacy at the Oceanfront. Friday afternoon, a man who never met Kilgore, traveled more than 700 miles from Orlando to Virginia Beach, to let his family know how much strangers care.

David Kilgore used a pharmacy software package called RX 30. The man who owns the software company, Steve Wubker, heard about what happened and reached out to the independent pharmacy community for donations. Their response was overwhelming.

“This community, this independent pharmacy community, is a tight-knit group and by nature they’re a caring group of people, that’s what they do for a living,” Wubker told WAVY.com.

Almost immediately, donations started pouring in from across the country. More than 1,200 people sent not only cash, but condolences.

As Wubker presented a check to Kilgore’s widow, Lynne.

“I know money doesn’t solve anything but hopefully at the end of the day, you’ll get a real warm feeling reading all the different comments from all the people,” said Wubker.

People like Linda Frederick, a customer and friend, says she will never forget Kilgore’s kindness, especially to her young granddaughter.

“We came in one day and he said ‘Is she still looking at that Barbie?’ And I said ‘Yeah, she is.’ And he came out and he picked it up and gave it to her and that’s just how Dave was,” recalled Frederick.

The stories are a testament to the man, the money a testament to mankind.

Wubker presented a check to the family for $62,398. They were obviously very touched.

“We’re very appreciative, and I just want to thank everyone so much,” said Lynne Kilgore.

“We’re just blown away by the generosity of people who don’t even know us, I mean with the RX 30 it was people from everywhere giving us support to our family and it really brought us comfort in a time when we didn’t think we could be comforted,” said their daughter, Ashley Baum.

Wubker flew into town just long enough to drop off the check and jump back on a plane home. He was only in town a few hours, but what he did will certainly remain with the Kilgore family forever.

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