Coast Guard releases report on sinking of tall ship Bounty

CAPE HATTERAS, N.C. (WAVY) – The Coast Guard has released its report on the 2012 sinking of the tall ship Bounty.

The HMS Bounty sank about 100 miles south of Cape Hatteras in October 2012. One member of the HMS Bounty’s 16-person-crew died and the captain was never found. Three other crew members were injured.

The Coast Guard report concluded that a combination of faulty management and crew risk assessment procedures contributed to the sinking. The report highlighted the choice to navigate a vessel in insufficient material condition in close proximity to an approaching hurricane, and with an inexperienced crew.

Following the investigation, the report recommends the Coast Guard review the current policy for attraction vessels.

The National Transportation Safety Board released its own report in February, saying that sailing into the well-forecast storm subjected the aging vessel and an inexperienced crew to conditions that the vessel couldn’t overcome.

Click here to read the Coast Guard’s full report.

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