New flap over eagle nests in Norfolk

Eagle On Alliance

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – There’s a new flap over eagle nests at the Norfolk Botanical Garden. The group Eagle On Alliance alleges a federal agency withheld information from the public that shows it agrees with many of its claims.

Carol Senechal, the group’s founder, referred to a document from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, where its says “removing the nest won’t solve the problem.” The information is just coming out, she claims, after the group’s attorneys apparently challenged the agency.

It’s a stance Eagle On Alliance has long maintained.

Eagle Nest“They removed the first nest October 4, 2012. They removed the last nest on February 6, 2014. 19 months. Nine nests. The eagles are still in the garden,” said Senechal.

Magnificent bald eagles are still flying around, and she claims the agency would have known this outcome, had an environmental assessment been done.

“We want the government out of the garden. Planes don’t land at Norfolk Botanical Garden. If the airport were made to do its job, to do wildlife mitigation at Norfolk International, eagles wouldn’t be a problem there. It would be safe for all the flying public.”

Within the past decade, several bald eagles have been struck and killed at the airport nearby.

“We have a lawsuit pending in court. We are going forward. We are eagle-ing on and we will until this matter is resolved.”

Resolved, she says, for the safety of the eagles, the Norfolk Botanical Garden, the airport and the flying public.

A spokesperson at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service declined comment due to pending litigation.

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