74 school shootings since the Sandy Hook massacre

A candlelight vigil was held at Walt Morey Middle School in Troutdale Oregon Tuesday night June 10, 2014 for Emilio Hoffman, the victim of a shooting at Reynolds High School Tuesday June 10, 2014. The suspect is believed to have shot himself. A teacher sustained non-life-threatening injury. (AP Photo/The Oregonian, Stephanie Yao Long)

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Thirty-seven, that’s how many school shootings there have been in the U.S. this year.  “Everytown for Gun Safety” calculated the findings. Local parents say the statistics are alarming.

‘We saturate ourselves in violence too much, our whole culture, and it just seems like you can’t do anything about it,” said David Michalak of Agawam.  “It’s like throwing a wiffle ball into the wind.”

What’s even more shocking is the number of school shootings since the Sandy Hook Massacre in December 2012. In the 18 months since, there have been 74 instances of shots fired on school grounds.

That includes shootings resulting in death, suicide, wounded victims and unintentional shootings. Minors were responsible for 70% of the K-12 school shootings.

“I think the cause is video games, music, things that are just being pushed on the youth,” said Chad Howard of Amherst.

While such incidents nearly always result in calls for stricter gun laws, many Americans want to keep their right to bear arms.

“The guns don’t kill people, it’s people that kill people,” said Shawn St. George of Chicopee. “If you had some crazy lunatic run out and start shooting, he or she would probably think twice knowing everyone else around them also had a gun.”

Massachusetts is one of 19 states with no school shootings in the past year.

Below is a map of all 74 school shootings since the Sandy Hook Massacre:

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