Devon Fisher drafted by the Boston Red Sox

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY)- Western Branch senior catcher Devon Fisher was riding around with his mother this past Saturday. When he received a phone call that would change his life. “I actually got the call after they chose my name. The guy said, did you hear what happened? They said they just called my name. It was a pretty special moment. Personally I cried. This has been a dream of mine. I have been working for this my entire life.” said Fisher.

Excited for a good reason. Fisher was selected by the Boston Red Sox in the 20th round of the Amateur Baseball Draft. He was the 614 player selected over, but the third catcher selected by the Red Sox. “The city of Boston has a huge fan base. They will always be there for you. It’s a tough place to play, but it will make you better,” said Fisher.

Western Branch head coach Roland Wright says Fisher is a true leader that controls the defense for the Bruins. “He has called all of our pitches this year which is a first for me since 2010 and he called what I would have called most of the time. He does a great job handling our pitcher and adds a new dimension to our defense because most teams will not run on us.”

Fisher had already committed to play his college baseball at UVa, but said he will forgo college to begin his professional career. “I viewed UVa as a security net for me in case something happened to me I would have three years of college to get ready and prepare and move on,” added Fisher.

Fisher will report to rookie camp in two weeks, but has some unfinished business to attend to as his Bruins are playing for a state championship this weekend. “I’ve got to leave pretty soon, so hopefully we do well and win a ring and then I will be on my way,” said Fisher.

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