Senators told to pack their bags for budget battle

RICHMOND, Va. (WAVY) – 10 on Your Side has learned the clerk of the Virginia Senate has alerted state senators to keep June 17 through June 30 open for a possible special session to resolve the state budget impasse.

Lawmakers cannot agree on Medicaid expansion. Republicans in the House of Delegates say “no way” to putting medicaid expansion in the budget. was told told there are quiet discussions to create a workable compromise that would likely include a free-standing Medicaid expansion bill. That bill would be proposed in the Senate where all 40 senators must approve it. The bill would then go to the House of Delegates where its future would be unknown.

If there is no two-year budget bill which would be somewhere between $96 billion to $99 billion, then Gov. Terry McAuliffe would have the constitutional authority to pay the state’s bills.

WAVY News’ Andy Fox’s source calls this “brinkmanship” to see which side blinks first. He calls the stalemate a mix between hubris and pride. Most concerning would be how the impasse affects Virginia’s reputation on Wall Street where Virginia enjoys an AAA bond rating which gives preferential interest rates on borrowing money.

Stay with for the latest in the budget stalemate.

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