Police Chief: Brown shot additional vehicles

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Norfolk Police Chief Michael Goldsmith spoke at a city council work session Tuesday and discussed new developments in Friday night’s deadly rampage.

Two people were killed the night of May 31 by suspect James Brown: Norfolk Police Officer Brian Jones and 17-year-old Mark Rodriguez.

Chief Goldsmith revealed new details on the timeline of that night. It all began shortly before 11 p.m. when Brown began shooting at random from behind the wheel of his Jeep. The gunshots hit and killed Rodriguez, who was inside his vehicle. Tuesday, Chief Goldsmith said investigators determined additional cars were hit by Brown’s gunfire, one of which was occupied. The people inside received minor injuries from broken glass.

Document: Chief Goldsmith’s prepared remarks

Brown headed to his home on Wellington Road next. Officer Curtis Allison had heard the earlier gunshots while off-duty, then heard the description of the vehicle over the radio and found it parked haphazardly at Brown’s home. At some point he put on his tactical vest.

Officer Jones was second to arrive at the suspect’s home. Brown opened fire. Officer Jones died about two hours later in the hospital, and Officer Allison was wounded in his hip. Another unidentified officer heard radio calls that shots were fired and an officer was down. That officer spotted Brown in his red Jeep with his lights off and pursued him.

Brown crashed his vehicle on Galveston Avenue. His Jeep rolled after slamming into a parked car. During a struggle with a police officer, the officer fired his gun, killing Brown.

Based on information given by police, the entire shooting spree lasted just fifteen minutes.

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