Hampton neighbors fear suspicious bush fires

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — Bushes keep mysteriously catching fire in one Hampton neighborhood.

Investigators tell WAVY.com there have been three suspicious fires in the Buckroe area since mid-April. Neighbors say two of the fires took place over the weekend, and both burned Pampas grass bushes close to homes.

“It was a great big bush, up above the 6-foot privacy fence,” said Brandy McCarty, a resident.

A Pampas grass bush on McCarty’s property went up in flames Saturday night. McCarty, her brother and three children were fast asleep, when a neighbor came knocking.

“All we heard was, ‘Fire! Fire! Fire!’ and we looked out the window, and it was just a big orange glow,” McCarty said.

Sunday night, on the same street, three Pampas grass bushes caught fire at Miss Morgan’s house. She, too, was fast asleep, until her dog woke her up.

“She jumped on my bed and started hitting my head — she’s strong — and she was crying,” Morgan said. “When I looked up to tell her to get off the bed, I lifted my head, and all I saw was flames.”

She grabbed a garden hose and shouted for neighbors to call the fire department. She hasn’t slept well since the fire.

“It’s just fear,” Morgan said. “Last night when I went to bed, I kept waking up and going to sleep. Waking up, looking out the window, going to sleep, because you don’t feel secure.”

Hampton fire investigators say a third house also reported a similar fire. At this point, the fires are classified as suspicious. Neighbors wonder which bush will be next to burn.

“They need to be caught and prosecuted because somebody is going to lose their life,” Morgan said.

Hampton investigators are asking the public to come forward with any information about the bush fires. If you know anything, call the Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

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