Neighborhood reaches out to fallen officer’s family

Norfolk Police cruiser draped in memory of Officer Brian Jones, killed in the line of duty the night of May 30, 2014. (WAVY/Jason Marks)

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — The community continues to mourn the loss of Norfolk Police Officer Brian Jones, and one neighborhood is giving back to his family as they say Jones gave to them during his life.

“You felt like he was your brother,” said Norfolk resident Kevin Wagner. “He was just a good friend when you talked to him.”

Jones probably didn’t realize the impact he had while he was here, but if you ask anyone who knew him, you’ll hear story after story of ways the officer changed lives.

“He was genuinely a good man,” added Norfolk resident Mark Griffith. “He cared about our community.”

“The whole city of Norfolk was his baby, so to speak, and he was doing what he loved,” Wagner said.

A lot of the time, you could find Jones in in the Fairmount Park area, where he worked as a community recourse officer. His goal was to clean up the streets.

“He wanted to know what he could do to help you individually,” Wagner said. “If he knew you were going out of town, he would make a point to roll by slow and check on the house. If you have a wife that stays home, he would always make a point to make sure everyone was alright.”

Jones’ patrol car now sits draped in back outside Norfolk’s 3rd Precinct.

“My wife and I both had it cross our minds ‘oh I hope it wasn’t Jones’ when we first heard that an officer had been wounded,” Griffith said.

Griffith lives in Fairmount Park. He, like so many, couldn’t believe the news.

“I just saw him drive down the street, I guess it was two days before, waving at us,” Griffith said.

It was common for Jones to stop by and say hi. Not long ago the officer showed Griffith’s son the inside of his police car.

“I would imagine he was a great father, just the way he was with my three-year-old son,” Griffith said.

Jones was a husband and father of three young children. He came to Hampton Roads while serving in the Navy. There’s no doubt his death has left a void.

“Unfortunately, the city of Norfolk lost a great man and heaven gained another great man,” Wagner said.

The Fairmount Park Civic League is now coming together to help Jones’ family like he once helped them. Information can be found on the civic league’s Facebook page — click here to visit that page.

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