High school football players go through NFL testing at camp

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – It felt like football weather at Norfolk Academy on Saturday afternoon; a perfect time for 66 high school players from Hampton Roads to test their abilities and try to increase their recruiting stock.

Norfolk Academy hosted the seventh Best of 757 Football camp on Saturday, which gives maybe the lesser known names of Hampton Roads a chance to put their names on recruiting radars.

“Everybody knows about the Percy Harvins, the Andrew Browns, but this gives some of those athletes off the radar screens a chance to compete and compare themselves not only…on those performance test, but also how they stack up against some of the best talent in the community,” said John Cunningham, the camp’s founder and operator.

Indeed some of the best have come through, including Brown who went on to earn the Gatorade National Player of the Year, and J.C. Coleman who is now a running back at Virginia Tech.

Aside from the one-on-one and seven-on-seven drills usually offered at most camps, Cunningham’s camp offers NFL combine-type testing, including a 40-yard dash as well as agility and strength drills.

Western Branch head coach Greg Gibson, now in his second season as a coach at the camp, points out that it doesn’t matter whether a player is on a 0-10 team or a 10-0 team. Out there, an individual has a chance to shine.

“It gives the kids a chance to show out and put themselves up on a new level, as far as their recruiting goes and gives them some good solid coaching for a day,” said Gibson.

A number of coaches from all around Hampton Roads also assisted in the camp.

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