Suspect’s charges withdrawn in officer’s murder

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — The family of Norfolk police officer Victor Decker is still waiting for justice to be served.

During a hearing Monday in Virginia Beach, the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office requested charges be nolle prosequi against suspect Raymond Perry. Nolle prosequi means the CA’s Office does not wish to pursue the charges at this time, but the charges could be brought back at a later date.

“It’s certainly the most difficult decision that I have made in 20 years as a prosecutor,” said Commonwealth’s Attorney Colin Stolle.

The decision to set aside the charges, including murder, had to be made because the Commonwealth’s case against Perry had fallen apart.

“We have lost several witnesses over the last several months, and as a result, it has put us in a position where we need to step back and re-evaluate our case … I just feel we have insufficient evidence to proceed to trial,” Stolle said. was told last week the motion to withdraw charges comes because witnesses recanted their statements.

Perry was one of two men charged with killing Decker back in 2010 outside a Virginia Beach nightclub. Perry remains in jail for 97 years because of three unrelated robberies with gun charges.

From jail on Monday, Raymond Perry gave an exclusive interview with WAVY’s Andy Fox.

VIDEO: Full jailhouse interview with Raymond Perry

“It’s not like I’m done, that there is nothing else I can do,” Perry said. “I am actually in appeals court right now in the Fourth Circuit, so right now I am hopeful.”

Back in March, was there when Kareem Turner was released after a year and a half in jail. Turner had also been charged with Officer Decker’s murder and was supposed to go to trial, but those charges were also nolle prosequi after the Commonwealth’s Attorney said witnesses had lied about Turner’s role.

“I will say this because it has been a matter of public record previously, that we had issues with witnesses honesty related to the Turner matter and they were witnesses involved in the Decker matter. So there were credibility issues with some of the witnesses,” Stolle explained.

10 On Your Side spoke with Decker‘s family, who says they found out about this latest news just days before. They say it is not only devastating, but also crazy this happened. They are also very interested in seeking justice for Victor and hope somebody will step forward with information.

Stolle spoke with Decker’s widow, Dawn, before he took the matter to court: “It was a very hard conversation. Dawn and I have talked about this throughout. She knows the investigation is going to continue, that we are not going to stop in getting justice for Victor Decker.”

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