Warner campaigns for re-election in Norfolk

US Senator Mark Warner was in Hampton Roads May 29, 2014 to kick off his campaign for re-election. (WAVY/Rachel West)

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Sen. Mark Warner made his first re-election campaign appearance in Hampton Roads Thursday.

Warner kicked off his “Working Together” tour Wednesday, with 14 events planned over the course of six days in every region of the Commonwealth.

Thursday, the senator spoke at MHI Ship Repair and Services. WAVY News 10 caught up with him and asked his thoughts on the developing situation with Veterans Affairs and Secretary Erik Shinseki.

“This focus on whether he should stay or go is taking away the focus from what it should be – how do we get the problems fixed? I think it would be in the best interest of the country for him to resign so that we can focus on how we make sure that these Veterans get the healthcare they deserve and quite honestly have a more efficient VA,” said Sen. Warner.

The Republican candidate who will face Warner in the November election will be chosen during the Republican Party of Virginia 2014 Convention on June 7.

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