Summer job search strategies

The Career Engineer

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – Great employers need great talent all year long, and while your competition surfs and eats hot dogs this Memorial Day, you can get prepared and positioned for a job.

The Career Engineer Francina Harrison shared some summer job search tips to close the deal:

*BBQ Networking 101: Breaking bread with family, friend and vetted peers. Let them know you’re in the market.

*The Career Engineer Tip: Keep the smartphone with resume or USB drive handy/or resume/business cards in the car

*Myth: No one hires in the summer – Totally NOT TRUE! Use this mythical downtime to get prepared, networked, interviewed and hired.

*Getting interviews but not offers: Revisit your SALES closing techniques. Demonstration and declaration are the secret weapon to interviewing.

*While you are waiting: Volunteer, de-clutter, engage & REALationship network. Don’t let the NOs reduce your value.

(Tips provided by The Career Engineer)

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