Bayside soccer player’s death a mystery

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – There’s heartbreak at Bayside High School in Virginia Beach.  A well liked student athlete died over the weekend and doctors still don’t know why.

“I remember bringing him home after he was born,” said father Herbert Murrell. “It just seemed like yesterday.

That was 16 years ago when the Murrell family welcomed Nick into the world.

He was just an all around good kid,” added mother Susan Murrell. “I didn’t have any problems with him.

Nick was sophomore at Bayside High School. Soccer was his passion.

He loved soccer,” Herbert Murrell said. “If he wasn’t going to a game he was in it.

The 16yearold played for the Marlins Friday night. There were no signs anything was wrong.

He played the whole game and there were no symptoms or signs,” said Bayside High Boys Soccer Coach Matt Bright. “No sickness and it just happened.

Tragedy happened at his home Saturday night. He told his mom Susan he wasn’t feeling well. He said he had a headache so mom gave him a couple of aspirin.

“We had dinner,” Susan Murrell added. “Less than an hour later he is not well. He is laying on the floor passed out.

Nick would not regain consciousness. Family says he died before help could arrive. Doctors have not yet found what caused his death. The loss let his soccer family heartbroken too.

Iis tough, because you just don’t know what happened to him,” said teammate Walker Oxenford. “You are always curious and it just upsets you that out of nowhere it happened.

There was never any issues with him,” Bright added. “He was just a happy go lucky kid and just a joy to be around.

Monday at the Bayside field, Nick’s number was spray painted on the field for all to seeThe Marlins will pay tribute to him before Tuesday’s home game at 7 p.m.

He wasn’t the type that would want us moping around,” said teammate Bailey Kraft. “He would want us to pick it up and pull through for him.

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