“Take 25” event encourages parents to talk about safety

Take 25 in Norfolk on May 25, 2014. (WAVY/Lex Gray)

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – When you hear about a missing child, you hope it never happens to you or anyone you know. But how much do you actually do to make sure your child could be found as easily and as quickly as possible?

Photos: Event encourages parents to talk safety

Sunday in Norfolk, officers and deputies asked parents to “Take 25” to keep their kids safe. That means taking 25 minutes to talk to your children about safety, create a family action plan, and get a child safe ID kit.

“They know already 911 numbers, not to talk to strangers,” said Cheri Niedholdt, who attended Sunday’s Take 25 event in Norfolk. “We started doing that as soon as they were walking on their own.”

Norfolk police and sheriff’s deputies want every family to be more like the Niedholdts, talking about safety early and often.

Niedholdt updates records for her two children every year.

“Pictures are current, fingerprints are current,” she said. “Our child has a new scar, and that’s important to have on there in case something happens.”

Niedholdt’s partner is a deputy sheriff, so she knows things do happen.

“You hear about kids going missing and so many parents don’t have a record, pictures, current fingerprints, any of that to give to a law enforcement agency.”

Norfolk Fraternal Order of Police #3 Commodore Lodge sponsored Sunday’s event. Norfolk police officers and sheriff’s deputies helped families, and had enough kits on hand to create IDs for more than 200 children.

If you missed the event, visit take25.org to print a photo ID and fingerprinting kit of your own.

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