Flags placed to honor war casualties in Va. Beach

Flags placed in Virginia Beach Memorial Day weekend 2014. (WAVY/Greg Gadberry)

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – A Virginia Beach church is honoring America’s fallen heroes this weekend.

Volunteers placed more than 6,000 American flags on the lawn of the Eastern Shore Chapel Episcopal Church on Laskin Road.

Photos: VB church plants flags in remembrance

Last year, the church did the same thing to honor all who lost their lives in the Afghanistan War. One church member said Memorial Day is a time to honor the sacrifices made, even during times of peace.

“Even in peace time, our forces forward deployed are putting their lives at risk. Many times we forget about it or don’t know about it. This is one day in the year where we confront the sacrifice of our people. That is the cost of freedom,” said Jim Deppe, a church member.

The flags will be flying for the next week. If you’d like to see them, take a drive down Laskin Road.

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