Va. Beach Oceanfront kicks off summer season

Jason Marks on Oceanfront holiday weekend

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — The Memorial Day weekend marks the start of the Virginia Beach Oceanfront summer season.

“This weekend kicks everybody into gear,” said Romula Voltmer from Custom City.

“It’s kind of the calm before the storm,” added Jay McLure from Old Time Photos.

The cold weather is gone.

“Winter is torture down here,” Voltmer said. “This weekend hits and all the sudden everybody is back in action. You have that energy. You feed off the crowds.”

This is the second season for Custom City. The first one was so successful owners opened two more stores along Atlantic Avenue.

“Last year we kicked off with huge numbers which was awesome,” Voltmer added. “Everybody loved the store.”

From the rookie store to the veteran on the block, this year marks the 35th year that Old Time Photos has been at the beach.

“It’s really important to get off to a good start,” McLure said.

McLure says business last year was good, but not picture prefect.

“We’re looking at having even better business this year,” McLure added. “If things keep improving, we are doing good.”

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