Group teaches students about legal adulthood

"So You're 18" panel. Photo by  Antwan Williams
"So You're 18" panel. Photo by Antwan Williams

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — The South Hampton Roads Bar Association is presenting workshops about the legal ramifications of becoming an adult, to local high school seniors. The first session was held at Norview High School on Tuesday.

In a news release, W. Marcus Scriven, Esq. said the “So You’re 18” program has a panel of lawyers and judges who address the rights and responsibilities of students who reach adulthood status and the legal consequences of their actions as they become emancipated from their parents.

Topics include citizenship, voting, military service, jury duty, and criminal charges. The students also receive a handout that addresses basic law related education reference about contracts,landlord/tenant issues, marriage and divorce, employment, credit, consumer rights, and wills.

The SHRBA will rotate the program to at least one high school in each city and county of Southside Hampton Roads.


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