Local garages filled with flooded cars

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — Walt’s Water Works garage in Chesapeake is quickly filling up with flood-damaged cars. One subcompact car damaged from high water in Norfolk on Friday has soggy carpet.

“It’ll hold as much as two gallons underneath even though you see it dry on the top. That’s because this is a plastic coating on here that doesn’t necessarily let the water come up,” he said.

Driving through flood waters can mean major problems for vehicles, including soggy seats, but also the electronic components, according to repairman Walt Hedge. Once the car’s computer gets wet, that begins the corrosive process, and he says it can spread to the circuit boards. When that happens, the car will not operate properly, so that mean motorists have to replace the parts.

“Now we figure the water in here, in this car, got up to about four and a half to five inches, minimum,” he said.

And he says drivers sometimes don’t realize they’re going to have issues later.

“A lot of times you don’t know how deep the water is, so you drive into it thinking it’s six to eight inches, like your underpasses, in Norfolk. Then all of a sudden you’re floating ’cause there’s four feet deep of water,” he said.

As for the damage, he says there’s also this: “If it was totaled, then the title will be stamped as a flood car, and if it’s just a repair job, no.”

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