Bystanders rescue woman in wheelchair from floodwater

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – When the rain came down in Old Towne Portsmouth Friday, flooding happened quickly. As a result, a lot of cars ended up trapped. 10 On Your Side also learned of a woman who tried to maneuver her electric wheelchair through the storm, and got stuck.

Latonya Holman saw the woman go down from her workplace on Washington Street.

Woman in wheelchair gets stuck in Portsmouth flood waters.
Woman in wheelchair gets stuck in Portsmouth flood waters.

“She didn’t want to stop, even though she saw the flood,” Holman said. “She kept going, as she hit the curb here, her entire wheelchair turned over, and she was submerged up to her chest.”

The woman screamed for help, and Holman said she and three others ran to the rescue.

“The first thing I did was got behind her and picked her up, elevated her out of the water so she would be okay,” Holman said. “If nobody heard her to get her, there’s a possibility she could have drowned, she doesn’t have the ability to get up on her own.”

Holman said the woman thanked her and the others, but when she got in her wheelchair, it wouldn’t work.

The woman didn’t want to speak to 10 On Your Side about the experience, but she later rode away in the wheelchair.

“It’s a blessing from God to say ‘hey, I heard you, I got you, ladybug,’” Holman said.

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