Suspect in deadly DUI crash granted bond

Landfall on Monday AM

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — The man police say killed a pedestrian at the Oceanfront while driving intoxicated was granted bond Friday.

According to Kristina Hopkins with the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, 29-year-old Peter Olin Teneyck was granted a $25,000 secured bond, on the following conditions:

  • After leaving jail, he must go straight to Portsmouth Naval, where he will be transferred to a military institution.
  • He must notify the court once he’s transferred.
  • He would only leave the military base for necessary medical care (at Duke) or to meet with his attorney.
  • He can only be transported by the military or his mom, dad or sister.
  • He cannot drive
  • He cannot use any alcohol or illegal drugs
  • He will have a scram device.

Virginia Beach police say Teneyck was driving along Pacific Avenue Sunday evening when he struck 50-year-old Jim Ira Miller, Jr., causing fatal injuries. Court records state Teneyck was on a “beer run” at the time and that his blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit.

Teneyck was charged with DUI 2nd offense and involuntary manslaughter as a result of DUI, but 10 On Your Side learned Teneyck has three prior DUI offenses. The Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office told they could not say why that is because paperwork is still coming in. also learned Teneyck is in the Navy and had a double lung transplant six months ago.

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