Security firm teams up with NN Police

Typhoon Haiyan

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – Newport News Police are getting some help in the city’s East End. A private security firm is volunteering officers to patrol the streets.

“We actually want to make sure the neighborhoods are safe,” said officer Cherice Greene. “We’re looking to make sure there’s not any illegal activity going on.”

In a unique partnership, security officers from Newhope Security are working with Newport News Police to add more eyes and ears to the area.

“It wasn’t as bad when I grew up down here,” said Greene.

All summer long, security officers will be out and about. The owner of the company is donating their time to the public.

“It is sad when you see innocent people caught up in the crossfire,” said Greene.

Some of the security officers do legally carry guns. Though police say their presence helps, make no bones about it, they aren’t police officers and aren’t allowed to take matters into their own hands.

“That’s specifically why we met a couple weeks ago to give them the parameters of what can be expected from the security group,” said Captain Keith Hartman. “So far, we have had no issues with that at all.”

Hartman said the group started working two weeks ago and in that time he has noticed a decrease in crime.

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