Parents upset about ODU phone call

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — The parents of two Old Dominion University students are upset with the school about a phone call received after Wednesday’s 10 On Your Side investigation into on-campus housing.

WAVY’s Chris Horne interviewed four returning freshmen, who each had concerns about where they would be living on-campus next year. One of the four, Kapri Moore of Virginia Beach, received a phone call Wednesday about 5 p.m. from a member of the ODU housing department. The university told Moore she has housing for the coming year.

But Moore and her mother describe the call in a different way. Moore told the university staffer was questioning why she spoke with 10 On Your Side about the story. Moore also said the conversation included information about another student in the story, Noelle Lentz.

Lentz’s mother was upset to the point of sending a letter at about 11 p.m. to the university’s president, John Broderick. In the letter, Rebecca Lentz uses the words “harassment,” “violation of privacy” and “constitutional rights.”

The university says that was not its intention.

“A student’s first amendment rights are very important to us. We would not try to stop a student’s first amendment rights. It’s my understanding that the person from housing made a call to make sure [Moore] knew that she had housing,” said Ellen Neufeldt, Vice President of Student Engagement and Enrollment Services.

Neufeldt told 10 On Your Side she is looking into the matter.

Don Stansberry, assistant vice president of the same division, sent a letter to respond to Rebecca Lentz.

“I understand your concern about the potential of personal information being shared inappropriately,” Stansberry wrote. “If this did happen, please accept my apology and assurance this will not happen again.”

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